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J2ME ( J2ME )

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J2ME & Mobile Application Content Duration:

Introduction to J2ME

 UI Design

 Graphic Design

 Data Management and Application Development

 Communications

 Assignment and hands on live projects.

Training concepts

Understand the differences between J2ME and other versions of Java, namely J2SE (standard

client-side Java), and J2EE (enterprise Java).

Understand the environments, and their limitations, in which J2ME runs.

J2ME components:

KVM - CLDC - MIDP Personal Java Overview of profile system Architecture and Midlets.

Understand & Create Midlets (Applets for Mobile Devices). Deploy and test Midlets. Differences

between J2ME environments

MIDP 2.0

 Mobile information device profile Creating MIDP applications Midlet suites Midlet



 Graphical User Interfaces with MIDP Displays, Commands, Pointers, Screens Animations

and drawing

 Threading and Synchronization

 Threading Creating Threads in Java Synchronization

J2ME Capabilities

 Streamed IO Socket IO (TCP/IP) J2ME IO Networking with HTTP RMS (Record Management System)


 SMS Bluetooth IrDA - Infrared Data Adapter Networking Push Registry


 MMAPI - JSR 135 SIPAPI - JSR 180 Game API

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